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Our Story Shared Vision Become Involved
Our Story Shared Vision Become Involved
Union -- population 1,926 -- is located in the fertile Grande Ronde River Valley. Union residents pride themselves on being “the biggest volunteer town in eastern Oregon.” One community member observes that when the town's citizens come together around a common cause, “there is nothing we cannot accomplish.” More... Union residents know that they live in their own corner of paradise. The natural beauty of their surroundings, the classically historic downtown and the community spirit of the people make Union a wonderful place to live or visit. As the town steps into a new era of leadership and growth, Union community members have a wealth of dreams and ideas with which to build on the town's existing foundation. More... In Union, a dedicated corps of citizens is working hard to make the town a vibrant, healthy community for all. Union residents spend much of their free time participating in community projects and civic activities. There are many ways you can join forces with Union's volunteer base to make the town a better place for all to live or visit. More...
Our thanks to the people at Horizons Community Leadership and Northwest Area Foundation for allowing us to use this document.